Denver Skate Park Take 2

Behind The Lenses

I was so excited when I talked to the D Crew and they said they wanted me to come back and get some more pictures. They are all so much fun to hang out with and have some seriously sweet moves to show off. Colorado has been getting bombarded with rain these last few weeks so it’s no surprise that we were racing agains those huge storm clouds in the background. However, they held off most of the evening and made for some awesome backgrounds! I can’t get over how much I love hanging out at the skate park. You will never meet a more fun and accepting crowd who are all there to do their own thing but still have each other’s backs, it’s really a great thing to watch.

Katie Leigh Hutt Photography: Denver Skate ParkKatie Leigh Hutt Photography: Denver Skate ParkKatie Leigh Hutt Photography: Denver Skate ParkKatie Leigh Hutt Photography: Denver Skate ParkKatie Leigh Hutt Photography: Denver Skate ParkKatie Leigh Hutt Photography: Denver Skate ParkKatie Leigh Hutt Photography: Denver Skate ParkKatie Leigh Hutt Photography: Denver Skate Park Crew

As the storm came in my light slowly left making action shots really hard to get since everything is…

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Day 6

Hit the park early for some quiet time after the madness of yesterday.  I have to just throw it out there: what an eye opener yesterday was for me….. The 14-20 crowd, who I thought would be sizing everyone up and giving the young kids grief at the Skatepark were absolutely as good as gold and chilled with it. The 9-13 age range were arguing with each other,  getting in each others way, talking trash and generally taking it all way too seriously.

Anyway, 0800 this morning was peaceful. Today I continued to work on my kick-turn on some gentle slopes and got a bit of a rhythm going in a makeshift “bowl” at the top end of the park.


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Day 5 of 365


So today I kept the streak going when the weather eventually cleared. I hit the park late this afternoon and there was a fair few folks around.

I managed to spend all of my time in my favourite spot which was cool. I kept plugging away at the 180 kick-turn and have to admit it is starting to feel really smooth.  I gave a few customary stabs at doing one half way up a couple of ramps and it went well.

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Eff it, I’m 30.

I’ve reached the age where suddenly it is uncool to be me.  As a thirty-something year old woman, working as a professional in a highly polished industry, it is suddenly uncool to be… cool.  The expectation of the world now that I have reached this dreaded age of maturity is that I smear on loads of make up, swirl wine, and surround myself with girlfriends for a Dancing With the Stars viewing party.  Well that ain’t me babe.  I will not go softly into that dark night where my zippy little whip is no longer seen as the sporty hatchback that it is, and is instead assumed to be some form of trendy station wagon, forged in the depths of soccer mom hell.  I will not hang up my Vans in favor of uncomfortably high heels (that, let’s be honest, give you ugly, crooked toes).  I cannot, in good conscience…

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The oldest skateboarder in the world.


I was taking the metro the other day when I saw an incredible sight; I saw the oldest skate-boarder in the world. As the door opened I saw him lying on the floor like a lanky 16 year old teenager with his backpack behind his head as a makeshift pillow and a National Geographic magazine on his chest. His eyes were closed as if he were sleeping.

Evidently he had chosen to lie there for when I arrived there were seats available. He had deliberately chosen not to sit in them, thus making a statement and signaling to people that he had chosen to lead a different sort of life.

He wore a gray shirt with the sleeves cut-off with a black short and brown shoes. Below his cap I could see his gray hair and in my opinion, he must have been well over 45 years old. The glasses…

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Week 2/52

Cool 😎

Skating with Ry

Two full weeks with my skateboard and I think I’m making quite some progress. Now that my helmut has actually arrived in the mail, I’m much more confident riding my board. In fact, the kiddo and I continue to practice at the Sunset Reservoir, a stretch of flat concrete located near his school. It was there he taught me my first trick, a toe flip! And it was there I realized that I am coordinated enough to balance on my skateboard and Iam absolutely loving every minute of it!

The Mr. ordered me some more protective gear; knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. Let’s just say these came in handy when I fell HARD at the skate park. The kiddo and I went early. He had a 9am lesson with a friend of a friend. The skate park was mostly empty, except for one other instructor and a…

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